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Oil Pumps

Benefits and Features of Moresa Oil Pumps.

Retainer: Essential part to seal spaces between moving parts; preventing external agents from entering or lubricant from leaking.

Flutes:Helps to reinforce oil pumping into the engine.

The materials of the seals are made of: PTFE (Viton) - Teflon - Polyacrylic.
Depending on the application it will be the right material for your application.

Body: Made of aluminium and also of iron, with fine finishes and machining; it strengthens the image and functionality of its internal components.

Internal Components: With chamfers on the edges to allow the lubricant to always be present during operation, as well as the lubrication channels on the outside and inside.

Relief valve:With a polished finish and no sharp edges on the outside, it slides smoothly into its housing; preventing it from locking during operation.

Lid or back plate: Rectified on the coupling face towards the body; seals and prevents lubricant leakage or air passage into the pump.

Additional components: Integrated in the packaging, they are necessary for the installation of the pump or they are a complement to guarantee its performance. The variety of these will depend on the application.