Dacomsa is a 100% Mexican company starting business on 2003 as a merger of 3 traders on the automotive industry from Desc group, dedicated to provide solutions for the marketing and product distribution for the automotive spare market with the firm intention to stand as leader.
Dacomsa meets the needs of the independent market, export and original equipment, being the independent market the one with greater impact on our operation.
KUO on the AFTERMARKET division has the ownership of the MORESA pistons plant, TF VICTOR and FRITEC, whose products are distributed and marketed by DACOMSA.





"To create value for our shareholders, by meeting the needs of our customers in the spare market, offering integral solutions to vehicle complete systems"


"Being the best supplier solutions to the spare market for the all the range of vehicles, distinguishing ourselves with our distributors and customers with attractiveness of our product lines, competence and our personnel good treatment, the speed on our response, service trustworthiness and the ease communication on doing business".


The performance of each and every one of the members of Dacomsa S.A de C.V is consistent with the values that guide our behavior.

  • Integrity

  • Institutionalism

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

  • Open to change