Electric & Electronic Components

Ignition system parts

IEA is a Mexican brand that belongs to the KUO Group's auto parts sector, specializing in electrical components: wet coils, closed core coils and gasoline electric pumps.

Brief history:

1961 _ IEA was founded by manufacturing horns and radiator plugs.

1964 _ Start production of alternators, distributors, coils and relays under the PRESTOLITE license.

1970 _ The need for growth drives the IEA to move to other buildings.

1983 _ The DESC Group fully purchases IEA.


1993 _ COMERCIALIZADORA MORESA SA DE CV (COMOSA) serves the distribution of IEA products in the domestic market to offer a better service to the customer.

1994 _ Develops and launches high energy closed core coil market under the FHP EL MOTOR license.

1995 _ Growing its range of alternators and parts, it produces 105 amps ones under its own technology.

1996-1999 _ For four years, he obtains the ALTEX award that SECOFI grants to highly exporting companies, and BANDERA VERDE that UNIK recognizes plants that respect the environment.

1998-2000 _ Obtains ISO-9001 certification and keeps it by approving maintenance audits.

1999 _ Win the VALLE DE MEXICO quality award.

2014 _ It is a brand marketed by DACOMSA in the Mexican Aftermarket.