Perfect Fit & Seal

Gaskets, Oil Seals, Shims, Head Bolt



The made-to-measure shims make up an integral solution in any engine adjustment. The shims are manufactured in stainless steel with high performance elastomers, that assure the proper functioning of your engine and a perfect sealing if the original cylinder head height specifications are modified.

Listed below are the features of the shims TF VICTOR guaranteeing a better job.

Polymer coating
They are made of steel and coated with a polymer that reinforces the sealing and lubricates the surface of the joint, therefore the TF VICTOR laminas have a long life time.

Unalterable thickness.
The thickness is inalterable to the compression due to the torque of assembly (0.010 ") suitable to compensate the rectification of the head.

Importance of head height in engines.
For every 0.010 "of height lost in engines with a camshaft, the head generates a delay of time between the crankshaft and the camshaft up to 1° and can cause serious damage to the engine.