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Engine Gaskets

Cylinder Head Gasket

This type of automotive gasket is designed to ensure the retention of the pressure generated in the cylinder during the engine's compression and combustion cycles, moreover, it retains and avoids mixing different internal fluids such as oil, water and the gases produced during combustion.

These automotive gaskets are made out of different materials depending on the required application, such as graphite, cellulosic treated materials, and stainless steel, among others, MLS gaskets will be mentioned in other section.

MLS (Multilayer Steel) Gaskets
MLS Gaskets are head gaskets that belong to the latest technology. They are manufacture with high precision equipment such as laser cutters, and Servo technology for their formation, as well as the use of various kinds of materials especially designed to resist high temperatures, with special synthetic elastomer coating in order to obtain a perfect sealing.
Our products are subjected to the strictest quality controls and performance tests to ensure trouble-free operations.

Oil Pan Gasket
The oil pan is the engine part that supports the crankshaft and is the structure to which the cylinders and other mechanisms of the motor are attached; It also includes anchoring for fastening the motor to the body and to the oil tank.
A carter or oil pan covers t he lower part of the engine . The oil pan gasket seals the union between the oil pan and the block's bottom and thus helps ensuring a perfect sealing.
These gaskets are manufactured in materials such as rubber, silicone, cellulosic treated materials and cork, according to the type of engine.

Valve Cover Gasket
Placed on the cover gasket, it prevents oil leakage due to extreme temperature changes within the engine, which will be in contact with continuous oil spray, and shall not allow the oil from leaking through the cylinders.

Intake Manifold Gasket
Intake manifold gaskets seal the union between the intake manifold and the engine head. They are used to distribute evenly the mixture of combustion for every head entry to the cylinder port. The materials that we use are stainless steel, thermoplastic among others.

Exhaust Manifold Gasket
These types of gaskets seal the union between the exhaust manifold gasket and the head. Exhaust manifold gaskets are made with materials that withstand high temperatures, due to the driving of the gases produced by the combustion of the fuel inside the engine. The materials that we use are stainless steel, thermoplastic among others.

Timing Cover Gasket
The timing cover gasket seals the crankcase from the distributor cap, where the camshaft, tensor and mainly, the crankshaft pinions, are housed, in order to protect and seal these elements from external agents such as water and dust, preventing corrosion and premature engine ageing.

Complementary gaskets
Sometimes within the gasket kits, complementary gaskets are added, according to the type of engine.