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Piston Vehyco brand

No. Parte: #P350CH6 STD
Piston for engine with specifications and materials for aftermarket
GM V8 5.7L (350) OHV 16 Val. LT1 VIN P, 7, 8, Camaro 1993-97, Caprice 1994-96, Corvette 1992-96, Impala 1994-96, Chasis 1994

Engine Piston
Description Value
Piston Outside Diameter (mm)101.554
Ring MaterialIron
Top Compression Ring Thickness (in)0.078
Second Compression Ring Thickness (in)0.078
Oil Ring Thickness (in)0.187
Piston Pin Outside Diameter (in)0.927
Piston Pin Length (in)3
Piston Pin MaterialSteel
Piston Pin Incorporated BearingsNo
Piston Head TypeFlat
Assembly Lubricant IncludedNo
Piston MaterialAleación de Aluminio
Piston Outside Diameter (in)3.998
Meets or Exceeds Original Equipment Manufacture SpecificationsSi
Grade TypeRegular
Skirt TypeCompleta
Piston Pmm Outside Diameter (mm)23.55
Top Compression Rmmg Thickness (mm)2
Second Compression Rmmg Thickness (mm)2
Cylinder Diameter (mm)101.6
Cylinder Diameter (in)4
Piston Pmm Length (mm)76.2
Compression Height (mm)39.39
Compression Height (in)1.55
Bowl Depth or Crown Height (mm)0
Bowl Depth or Crown Height (in)0
Bowl Diameter (mm)0
Bowl Diameter (in)0
Piston Pin AssemblyFixed Pin
Oil Rmmg Thickness (mm)4.76

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