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Flange Yoke

No. Parte: #A3-2-479
The Autopar products are validated and designed in our last generation facilities to achieve original equipment specifications, due to, they are subjected to strict quality controls to ensure proper fit and performance. These products can be found with the main wholesalers, distributors and retailers for being a brand that belongs to the family of MORESA, TF VICTOR, FRITEC, TREMEC and RACE. The Autopar brand has as main strengths, the advice and technical support for questions or doubts about our products, such as: functionality, correct installation and application, it also offers technical training, which are theoretical and practical and can be taught in live or virtually. Autopar is a brand that likes to be in direct contact with its users to be aware of their needs. Autopar has a distribution center of approximately 12,000 m2 with more than 7 storage levels, which allows a service level of 95 with delivery times of 24 to 48 hours, thanks to wms and sap technology.
D-600, pd-600, pd-800 80-85, d-600 92-98, d-600 92-98, RAM 6500 98, d-600 y pd-600 221 y 240 d.e. 74-80, acd-900 75-80, d-600 157 y 240 d.e. pd-600 157 d.e. 80, dcd-900 240 d.e. 77-79, d-600 221 d.e. y p.d. -600 221 d.e. 74-81, d-600 221 79-80, dcd-900 205 d.e. 81, d-600 y pd-600 221 y 240 d.e. 81-95, d-600 RAM 6500 a 98, d-600 221 d.e. 81, d-600 y pd-600 221 d.e. 80- 81, 333-110 90-93, dped 2016 02, 531-k7, 541, 542, navista d 641/001, 5312-g, 524-m 88-89, 5312-g 5312-g1, 5316-g, 5317-m, 5321-m3 5323-m4 88-89, s-1834 f-1114/39 87-89, f-1114/39 lk-1314/3460 89-91, f-1114/50 l1114/4600 l114/526-52b 89-92, f-1114/60c f1314/60b,s -1833 lo-1314/54 87-92,
SKU: #A3-2-479

Flange Yoke
Description Value
Universal Joint Retaining Width 4.438
Cap outside diameter 1.375
Centerline of Joint to Flange Face 2
Bolt Circle Diameter 4.75
Bolt Hole Quantity 4
UM Universal Joint Retaining Width Inches
UM Cap outside diameter Inches
UM Centerline of Joint to Flange Face Inches
UM Bolt Circle Diameter Inches
Flange Diameter 5.75
UM Flange Diameter Inches
Pilot Diameter 3.75
UM Pilot Diameter Inches
Spline Quantity0
UM LengthInches
U joint applicationA-188X

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